Connecting IT and Energy successfully? Adastra can show you how!

IT and Energy

Digitalization has revolutionized many industries, including the energy sector in Germany & Europe. Changes within the energy sector, as a result of the implementation of more renewable energy sources and therefore increased competition and new regulations, have led to a more complex and volatile energy market. All players in the energy sector must advance digital transformation and become data-driven, to position themselves to address market challenges, grasp new opportunities, and assert themselves in a fast-changing energy market.

For example, Adastra implemented a modern cloud enterprise analytics platform for the world's largest nuclear power generation facility. Through this platform, data insights unlocked effective management and improved efficiencies for $10B worth of nuclear refurbishment projects. lmproved power marketing analysis enabled selling energy at optimal rates to energy distributors, improving revenue. Third party university researchers easily access and analyze loT energy production data, recommend optimized models for nuclear production, which are then adopted by the nuclear provider to improve energy yields.

About Adastra

Adastra GmbH is an international IT consulting firm offering leading companies the full range of consulting services for state-of-the-art Data Warehouse and Business lntelligence solutions. With the comprehensive technical and business expertise of our more than 2000 consultants worldwide, we bridge the gap between business and IT to increase profitability in our customers' core business. Our local teams work in close partnership with our customers at 23 locations worldwide in 11 countries to deliver customized solutions that best address individual economic, technical and business requirements.

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