Cyber Security: an Important Topic at E-world 2020

A hacker attack that is crippling the power grid? Targeted manipulations that endanger the energy supply? These scenarios are more topical than ever in view of an increasingly decentralized and intelligently networked energy industry. And already reality to some extent: The Bitkom digital association estimates the damage caused to German companies by criminal attacks at 43 billion euros in 2018 alone. How can energy suppliers and power grid operators protect themselves, their infrastructure and their customers? Answers to these questions will be provided by E-world, which is being held at Messe Essen from February 11 to 13, 2020. Interested exhibitors can find any required information here.

The far-reaching restructuring of the energy supply and distribution requires smart solutions in order to guarantee the optimized use of energy. The basic prerequisite for this further development is compliance with security requirements – both for operational security and with regard to data protection aspects. This is why the topic of cybersecurity has top priority for many of the approximately 800 participating companies at E-world 2020. Whether in the Smart Energy exhibition area or the other exhibition halls at E-world: Exhibitors from a wide range of sectors of the industry will be presenting their innovations and be available for consultation interviews during the three days of the trade fair.

"We have dealt intensively with this topic at the E-world already this year," says Managing Director Stefanie Hamm. "In the lecture program at our forums, various aspects such as the protection of critical infrastructure or the requirements for the security of supply in a digitalized energy world were highlighted. Cybersecurity will again play a major role at E-world 2020."

The long-standing E-world exhibitor innogy also shows what form commitment in the field of IT security can take. The Group recently opened the first cyber security training center for power grid operators in Essen, which is also open to public utility companies and other grid operators. Real conditions of the power grid are simulated over an area of 450 square meters. Uwe Tigges, CEO of innogy SE, explains: "The human factor is still the weakest link when it comes to fending off cyber-attacks. Businesses must understand that responsibility for system and data security does not exclusively lie with IT experts. They must prepare their employees in comprehensive training sessions."

Sabina Großkreuz, who is also Managing Director at E-world energy & water, welcomes the contribution to the increased security of critical energy infrastructures. "We are delighted that this unique training center is in the immediate vicinity of Europe's leading trade fair for the energy industry. This underlines the importance of the topic of IT security for the industry."

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Cyber Security Lösungen für die Energiewirtschaft

Aufgrund des steigenden Digitalisierungsgrades in Energieunternehmen gewinnt das Thema Cyber Security in der Branche weiter an Bedeutung: Energieversorger sind attraktive Ziele für Cyberkriminelle, die das Ziel verfolgen, Zugriff auf großen Kundendatenbestände zu erlangen oder schwerwiegende Ausfälle der Energieversorgung zu erzeugen.

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