EGSSIS – Your energy partner for the future

EGSSIS is working hard on creating the best power & gas operations software for the European markets. Come by stand 2-435 every day at 14h to hear our CTO explain the future of our platform. We also have daily product demos from 11-11.30, and 14.30-15!

Our development & product team is working hard on taking our software solutions and architecture to the next level.  The EGSSIS platform aims to bring you a future-proof environment with the following characteristics:

  • Easy to connect your tools (eg. C/ETRM)
  • On-demand infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence through intelligent reporting
  • Smart Forecasting with AI
  • Improved User eXperience & User Interface (UX & UI)

We’ll summarize the key elements of these topics below, and are happy to have more in-depth discussions during and after E-World.

  1. Easy to connect your tools

    We are going to expand our APIs and structure it for you in a self-service API Management Portal, allowing you to easily sign up and connect your C/ETRM,  back-office solutions, etc.
    Changes in our platform can also be pushed as notifications to your C/ETRM via webhooks, so you can receive and incorporate changes on contracts, metering data from the TSOs, and much more.
  1. On-demand infrastructure
    Our target architecture for hosting our application will be based on container technologies, providing our clients with the following advantages:
  • Based on load statistics and load metrics we can upscale/downscale the number of instances automatically for our customers
  • Deployment downtime will be minimized because we switch running instances after the new version is up and running
  • Future proof architecture for hybrid- or full-cloud based environments
  • Easy CI/CD
  1. Business Intelligence
    We foresee two ways of empowering our customers with the right Business Intelligence (BI). The first way is via an EventHub where we will broadcast every change in data in our platform (= an event). Each type of ‘event’ can be subscribed to and pushed to the client’s BI tools and reporting databases.
    Furthermore we will provide our clients with a Power BI Model loaded with the data from the EGSSIS platform, where they can create their own reports without needing to set-up their own BI solution.
  2. Smart forecasting
    We are working with key providers of AI-driven forecasting modules and integrating these with the EGSSIS platform.  These AI-powered forecasting models can predict volumes based on your contracts, historical usage, weather data, and a whole range of relevant factors. This can lead to significantly lower imbalances and associated costs. We want to offer our clients several forecasting models, to compare and choose what fits best for your business needs.
  1. Improved UX & UI
    Our Product Owner and UX/UI designers are working hard to (re)design and optimize the user experience of the various EGSSIS software modules. They have already analyzed and identified 129 potential improvements together with EY, in 2019. From September they started working fulltime on creating a roadmap for implementation and now we’re in full swing to make the experience even more user-friendly. The main aspects we are focusing on are:
  • Visibility of system statuses to keep users informed what is going on through appropriate feedback
  • Improving predictability of the interface, so users can accurately predict which actions they have to take next and what will happen
  • Giving users more control & freedom where appropriate
  • Error Prevention
  • Consistency & standardization of screens across markets & functionalities
  • Flexibility & efficiency
  • Minimalist design (less clutter) – making it much easier to do the job
  • Better help & documentation

As you can see, we’re working on many fronts to ensure that EGSSIS’ clients and their operations teams can do their jobs more effectively through our software!

Come by stand 2-435 every day at 14h to hear our CTO explain the future of our platform. We also have daily product demos from 11-11.30, and 14.30-15, where you can see these improvements with your own eyes.

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