Energy market solutions (EMS) – partners with Eliq to address the evolving needs of the German energy market

Gothenburg, Sweden – 2nd of February 2024 – Energy Market Solutions (EMS), positioned as the ‘Partner for the energy markets of tomorrow’ and backed by ENTEGA from Darmstadt, announces its strategic collaboration with Eliq. EMS has chosen the Eliq Energy Insights Platform to address challenges faced by German Energy Suppliers, enabling them to better serve their customers. As of 2023, German energy suppliers serving over 100,000 customers are required to provide dynamic tariff contracts. However, a considerable obstacle hinders compliance, as many lack the essential tools needed to meet this mandate. The absence of national systems and a nationwide smart meter rollout further complicates the ability of German energy suppliers to fulfil these criteria. To address these challenges, Energy Market Solutions (EMS) has strategically chosen the Eliq Energy Insight platform. This partnership empowers EMS to seamlessly determine metering data and optimize billing processes for energy suppliers, whether sourced from smart meters or based on a synthetic load profile in the absence of smart meters. Notably, customers of the suppliers working with EMS gain access to Eliq energy insights and actionable advice on reducing energy consumption and saving money. This comprehensive solution not only helps energy suppliers meet the 2023 targets for dynamic tariff contracts but also enhances the overall efficiency of the energy supply chain.

Joost van der Linde, Business Development Manager for Germany at Eliq, explains why this is a game changer for the German energy market, “The German energy suppliers are facing challenges in keeping up with customer demand, all while being under immense pressure to meet criteria set by the government and the EU. EMS is actively bridging this gap, and Eliq is thrilled to play a role in supporting German households in their home energy transition,” said Joost. As the energy transition progresses and sectors are coupled, the role of electricity products also changes: they become the link between generation and consumption in communities, supplement the hardware of the energy transition as heat or car electricity, or enable the intelligent use of self-generated electricity.

Florian Müller, Managing Director at Energy Market Solutions: “We strongly believe that energy consumers are key to a successful energy transition. Yet most of the consumers either lack awareness of their influence on consumption and costs or effective tools to support them in taking action. This is where our App comes in as an essential part of our product design – specifically our dynamic tariff. By providing full transparency on costs and consumption in the most intuitive manner the App helps creating the necessary awareness, thus empowering customers to actively organize and control their energy costs. Partnering with Eliq means getting the best of both worlds: Profound smart meter experience from Scandinavian markets and the dedication to meet German market specifics.”

About EMS
Located in the heart of Berlin, Energy Market Solutions is a subsidiary of ENTEGA. Dedicated to accelerate the electricity-driven energy transition, EMS is committed to shaping the future of energy by providing smart and complex energy products. The range of solutions caters to both individual and commercial consumers, as well as producers and prosumers. From standard electricity products, complex offerings in heat and e-mobility tariffs and complementary prosumer tariffs, EMS extends their services to spot-market tariffs designed for industrial, commercial and from 2023 on even private electricity consumers. Energy Market Solutions provides these solutions under their own brand as well as for partners operating outside the energy industry. Thus enabling these new players to enhance their business models with energy-based products along their value chain.

About Eliq
Eliq’s purpose is to enable the home energy transition by helping utilities, banks and smart-home providers to empower their customers to make intelligent and sustainable home energy choices. We drive digital transformation through our SaaS platform that leverages AI and data collected through unique customer interactions to generate insights that inspire and empower customers to join the fight against climate change. The platform enables active customer relationships based on targeted and highly personalised offers, for non-commodity business growth at a transformative scale. We are advocates for the utilisation of open energy data to accelerate the home energy transition. The fight against climate change is one that we need to tackle together, and we believe in creating strong partnerships with organisations that share our values and passion for a sustainable future.

Press Contact
Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Manager
Eliq AB

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Co-Exhibitor at the Swedish Energy Pavilion, Hall 5, stand 5A115

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