Metering Study by the HORIZONTE-Group

Challenges for dMPOs after publication of the GNDEW 

The price cap review is coming up! 

Default metering point operators (dMPOs) may only set their prices up to a maximum upper limit. With the amendment of the "Metering Point Operation Act" (MsbG) as part of the "Restart of the Digitalisation of the Energy Transition" (GNDEW), the legislator has committed to review these price caps every four years. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) is currently determining which price caps appear appropriate. 

What (technical) effort do dMPOs have to make? 

The GNDEW has brought about a large number of clarifications and simplifications for the rollout of smart meters that is now finally taking place. However, there is still room for interpretation and the dMPOs have also been assigned additional tasks. It is therefore questionable what effort dMPOs will have to make in order to be fully compliant with regulations. It is also questionable which processes and functions of dMPOs promise an efficient, transparent and therefore economical set-up for the digital age considering the existing regulatory laws and standards. It also needs to be clarified how the many cost-relevant functions (for example regarding the so-called switching and controlling) can be subjected to a fair cost assessment, as there are currently no marketable solutions for these. 

A neutral analysis is required! 

In the run-up to the redetermination of the price caps, there are on the one hand increasing calls demanding a drastic increase. On the other hand, there are claims that the price caps are already far too high and could be reduced as part of a "greenfield approach". 

The problem with this is that almost all of these comments come from stakeholders with vested interests. The HORIZONTE-Group (HG) currently advises a large number of distribution system operators (DSOs) and dMPOs. The successful digitalisation of grids is one of the key prerequisites for the continued success of the energy transition. For this reason, we have decided to contribute to this important issue with a study. 

Technical Study Metering 

The aim of the study is to create a generic capability model for dMPOs, based on a profound analysis of the regulatory requirements and a supplementary survey of dMPOs. Focusing on possible economies of scale in the upcoming price cap period and the possible degree of digitalisation of business processes, we will discuss the mandatory areas of activity that need to be implemented, as well as the underlying technical-processual and organisational requirements that dMPOs must meet today. 

First results can already be derived 

HG has been working on the study since December 2023. Initial results already show that the new requirements and available solutions present dMPOs with new challenges: 

  • gMSBs will no longer have to carry out the rollout of smart metering systems in a planned manner, but mainly reactively, 
  • gMSBs operate in a partially competitive market and, as infrastructure managers, must ensure the rollout of smart metering systems for everyone, 
  • the impact of technical requirements, particularly with regard to the implementation of § 14a EnWG, is not yet fully foreseeable and calls planning assumptions and investments made to date into question. 

Our offer for interested participants 

In addition to several well-known DSOs involved, we are (still) looking for other companies to support the study with their participation. Participants benefit in many ways! Find out how in Hall 5, Stand 134. 

The HORIZONTE-Group and its partners have been actively involved in shaping the energy transition since 2014. With its result-oriented approach, HG supports its customers along the entire energy value chain directly from practice. 

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact:

Jochen Buchloh & Dr. Tobias Linnenberg |

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