Test Rig Technology for Gas-, Water- or Caloric Meters

This year, inotech Meter Calibration Systems GmbH has expanded its range of test bench technology to include water and heat meters. Thus, our customers not only have the possibility to obtain the test facility technology from one source, but also the advantage of being able to carry out meter testing with one software, independent of meter and medium. The continuously improved inotech Meter Calibration Software has been successfully used for more than 25 years in hundreds of plants. It enables our customers to check and calibrate almost all meters worldwide. This applies not only to metrological requirements, but also to a wide variety of meter types.

The inotech M.C.S. GmbH has already created an extensive library with the most common models for testing the smart meters, which are being used more and more. In addition, the company has its own development capacities available so that new meters can also be added promptly.

Profile inotech Meter Calibration Systems GmbH

The inotech Meter Calibration Systems GmbH has been an owner-managed company for over 27 years and has successfully established itself on the market for test bench technology, with a focus on gas meter test facilities. With more than 30 employees, the test rigs are sold worldwide and supported by the service department. The product range includes test systems for gas, water and heat meters, supplemented by test benches for gas pressure regulators and equipment for gas meter production, completed by the modernization business unit.

inotech Meter Calibration Systems GmbH

Obere Hardt 15
D-76467 Bietigheim - Germany -
HRB 106240 Amtsgericht Mannheim
CEO: Ralf Schneiderat

Mail: joerg.lehmann@inotech.eu
Internet: http://www.inotech.eu
Tel. +49 (0) 7245 - 80475 - 30
Fax +49 (0) 7245 - 80475 – 36


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