With control rooms in France, Belgium and Australia, Energy One is the only software vendor able to provide seamless 24/7 operational coverage of global energy markets. 

A global 24/7 operations desk with a ‘follow-the-sun’ approach means Energy One has full coverage of daytime staff operating night shifts for energy portfolios across the globe. 

Thanks to this innovation, the Energy One Group is now the largest supplier of 24/7 operational energy services in Australia and the second largest in Europe. 

Energy One Group CEO, Shaun Ankers, comments: “Global energy markets are transforming and we’re supporting those evolving markets. Over the past few years, Energy One has consolidated several individual 24/7 teams with operations desks in European and Australian energy markets, enabling us to launch a global solution combining our class-leading software products with a premium service offering.”  

Energy One is leading supplier of market trading, scheduling and dispatch software for wholesale power and gas. The global provider can operate its software for its customers and be a reliable partner to handle nomination and dispatching, balancing, asset scheduling, trading, auction bidding and related activities in gas and power markets on behalf of clients.  

Powering the renewable energy revolution with software and services 

Energy One is the only software vendor to establish global 24/7 solutions to meet the needs of renewable energy generation and help customers transition to the new economy.  

Global appetite to invest in and build renewable energy generation and storage is well-established and growing. As the market evolves, new entrants are emerging, including smaller independent ventures as well as established enterprises that might be moving into new geographies or sectors of the energy industry. These entrants may lack the systems, resources or expertise to operate in 24/7 energy markets and grids.  

Energy One offers specialised software for managing renewable generation and batteries for international markets. Its software can be combined with its 24/7 service offering, enabling seamless and successful entry of renewable energy into international electricity markets. 

Shaun Ankers continues: “Energy One has been providing software for renewable energy for years. What’s changed is the evolution and rapid expansion of energy suppliers. As electricity markets decarbonise, they’re becoming more complex, with a greater mix of intermittent resources balanced by storage resources like batteries.  

“The industry structure is also changing, with many new entrants - whether small, local, established or international - challenging the status-quo. As such, more renewable generators will require advanced software AND a service provider to operate effectively and efficiently in international energy markets.” 

Energy One’s global services enables generation developers to monetise assets while ensuring compliance and reducing operational risk, which is essential to new-site roll-outs. 

Its approach has already enabled dozens of renewable energy generators to operate in the energy market, both in Australia and in Europe. These assets of renewable generation (wind, solar, batteries) may have faced difficulties with ensuring compliant and profitable operations had the service not been available. In so doing, Energy One has enabled and facilitated the entry of much-needed renewable energy into markets and grids, serving community goals of reaching net zero carbon emissions within the next few decades. 

Its global outsourced services offering means that customers can acquire these solutions regardless of the locations of their assets geographically. 

Why utilise Energy One’s global trading solutions? 

There are several reasons why power and gas customers may want to outsource some – or all – of their operations to Energy One: 

  • The cost of staffing: a full 24/7 shift with experienced operators that work during nights, weekend and (public) holidays can be costly 
  • Night-shifts and out-of-hours work during public holidays or weekends is not conducive to a great work-life balance for most people, leading to reduced employee satisfaction and retention. By outsourcing these shifts to a reliable service provider, companies can increase employee retention of experienced operators while maintaining a balance of full day-time control over their assets 
  • Outsourcing repetitive activities such as daily nominations, balancing, asset scheduling and responding to asset activation requests allows traders and operations staff to focus on the mission-critical and real value-added activities 

Due to increasing energy costs and competition, operational effectiveness becomes paramount. With global follow-the-sun operations in place, there will always be an operator balancing gas and power portfolios working in daily hours, even if it is night-time where customers are based. 

During the night in Europe, a team of experts in Australia handle nominations/bidding, scheduling (and more) on customers’ behalf. Likewise, when it is night-time in Australia, experienced teams in Europe will soon be keeping an eye on Asia-Pacific assets on behalf of Energy One clients. 

Benefits for customers 

Energy One’s market operations services provide a 24/7 follow-the-sun approach, where experienced and dedicated teams work together and act on behalf of customers across the world in scheduling and nominations for day-ahead and intra-day markets.  

Having specialists balancing gas and power portfolios working in daily hours leads to: 

  • Faster response times to activation requests, imbalances or capacity overshoot warnings 
  • Better quality of service during volatile trading sessions (most often in winter) 
  • Superior quality control and reduced possibility of errors as there will be more staff on hand at all times to assist and execute the needed checks and balances 

Energy One’s team of industry experts specialise in each of the relevant technical areas and its network of local offices means that it can provide local support to its customers. 

This enhanced service does not increase any costs to existing customers. These enhancements are part of Energy One’s commitment to providing the very best service to its clients. 

An established team and a global presence make Energy One a reliable partner for global entities looking to outsource operational activities for power and gas, placing the software and services provider at the forefront of the transition to the renewable energy future. 

About Energy One 

With offices in Australia, the UK and Europe, and with some 60% of the energy traded in the Australian market, Energy One is the premier supplier of software and services to the wholesale energy market in Australia and a leading supplier to European wholesale markets and customers.  

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