Energy One - a global supplier of energy trading software products and operational services to wholesale energy, environmental and carbon trading markets - has become a global force in the renewable energy transition, thanks to the development of innovative solutions to help serve that market.

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:EOL) since 2007, but with more than 15 years of market experience, Energy One has a successful track record of providing sophisticated, practical solutions and services to Australasian and European companies operating in the fast-paced 24/7 wholesale energy marketplace.

Over the last five years, other respected brands have joined the Energy One family. These include Contigo Software Limited in the UK, eZ-nergy in France, EGSSIS in Belgium and CQ Energy in Australia. Contigo, eZ-nergy and EGSSIS all now operate under the Energy One brand.

With innovative solutions, global capabilities, specialist industry experts and strong market experience, the energy trading software and services provider brings a compelling offering to businesses of all sizes and maturity.

Energy One Group CEO, Shaun Ankers, comments: “Our global capability in both technology and services means we can support our customers with cutting edge solutions, wherever they are in the world”.

Market-leading solutions for new and existing businesses

Energy One helps its customers manage their risk and operations with smart technology and dedicated experts. Clients include energy retailers, generators, users, customers and traders ranging from start–ups and new entrants to multi-national organisations.

Its suite of products and services offer proven market solutions for European, UK and Asia-Pacific energy participants, enabling the management of their entire wholesale energy portfolio.

Energy One’s suite of software products includes ETRM, process automation, automated bidding/nominations and algorithmic trading. In addition to software, Energy One also provides services to operate their software and manage the operation of assets on behalf of customers.

Innovative 24/7 energy trading services

With 24/7 trading and scheduling teams in multiple countries, Energy One offers a global operations service, making it the only software vendor providing seamless global 24/7 operational energy services and control rooms.

Thanks to this innovation, the Energy One Group is now the largest supplier of 24/7 outsourced operational energy services in Australia and the second largest in Europe. This means Energy One’s software can be combined with its premium 24/7 service offering, enabling the seamless and successful entry of renewable energy into international electricity markets.

Energy One’s market operations services provide a 24/7 ‘follow-the-sun’ approach, where experienced and dedicated teams work together and act on behalf of customers across the world in scheduling and nominations for day–ahead and intra-day markets. With global ‘follow-the-sun’ operations in place, there will always be a specialist balancing gas and power portfolios working in ‘daily hours’, even if it is night-time where customers are based.

Energy One’s team of industry experts specialise in each of the relevant technical areas and its network of local offices means that it can provide local support to its customers.

Supporting new entrants to European gas and power markets

Energy One supports new entrants to European gas and power markets with software and services that make energy trading easy.

Energy One can assist new entrants to the European Power & Gas markets, whether newly established energy trading companies, trading desks or existing utilities moving into neighbouring markets.

Energy One offers a one-stop-shop of software and outsourced services for all short-term trading, nominations, outsourced 24/7 operational trading and dispatch services, next generation Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) solutions and more, to help new and existing energy trading participants to operate effectively.

A new force in battery operations

Energy One provides innovative and flexible software to support battery assets, offering solutions for portfolios of battery, demand response, renewable and other generation assets.

As a result of recent solution advancements, it is working with customers to optimise the return on battery assets with innovative and flexible optimisation and automation software, to help power the transition to renewable energy.

Energy One’s fully automated bidding and dispatch solution, underpinned by its technology platforms, allows customers to operate any combination of generation assets. The solution also enables end users to rapidly develop, test and deploy trading strategies on an asset-by-asset basis, allowing users to flexibly operate portfolios in dynamic markets with distributed assets. The solution from Energy One is scalable and can support multiple assets within a broader portfolio.

About Energy One

With offices in Australia, the UK and Europe, and with some 50% of the energy traded in the Australian market, Energy One is the premier supplier of software and services to the wholesale energy market in Australia and a leading supplier to European wholesale markets and customers.

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