GEN-I – Your energy partner for a sustainable future

We are one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the European energy market, leading trader in the region and the first Slovenian supplier of exclusively carbon-free electricity. 

Our policies for the future are based on smart solutions that will facilitate society’s green transformation and the establishment of sustainable links with the natural environment. As the leading provider of innovative products and services in the European energy market, we promote green energy, sustainable development, and the digitalization of operations. Our objective is to be the first choice for all segments of the energy chain: energy producers, traders and customers. Our aim is to be the best example of the green transformation and to prove that the decarbonization of society is possible while maintaining stable growth in operations.

Leading promoter of the green transformation

We are the leading provider of environmentally friendly energy solutions for customers in Slovenia and in the region. The Group already provides CO2-free electricity to more than four hundred thousand customers.   With the increasingly rapid construction of solar power plants on the roofs of individual houses and commercial buildings, GEN-I contributes significantly to the decarbonization of Slovenia. We also see a path to green transformation in continuous innovation. This is how we can develop new solutions that are necessary for the transition to a sustainable way of life. 
It is our entrepreneurial nature to lead by example, even when promoting the green transformation. Since 2019, we have been measuring our carbon footprint and developing solutions that will allow us to eliminate the footprint altogether by 2025.  

Reliable partner

We have developed into a leading energy company in the region. At the beginning of the millennium, we recognized an opportunity to open energy markets and in two decades we have grown from a small energy trading company into an internationally minded Group of companies. Through reliable partnerships, we provide stakeholders with competitive prices and advanced services to empower individuals and society in general so we can transition into a carbon-free future. We are responsible for the development of the energy market in Central and South-Eastern Europe, where we generate most of our revenues. Our goal is to become the leading provider of green energy solutions, following the mission of establishing and maintaining reliable partnerships in the long run.

We are the leading energy trader in the region. According to business partners and other major energy market players, the GEN-I Group consistently ranks among the most progressive electricity trading companies in Central and Eastern Europe.  We trade in various types of energy products in 22 countries, from France in the West to Ukraine and Turkey in the East. We have in place an extensive global infrastructure via which we are expanding our trading activity to different geographical markets. We are present on all major energy exchanges within and outside Europe, meaning we rank among the top dealers in the region both in terms of trading volume and trust. Our trading volume reaches approximately 10 times the total consumption of electricity in Slovenia, with the Company ranking highest in terms of trust and respect for several years now by the largest international survey among energy dealers: Energy Risk Commodity Rankings. 

Our outlook for the future is global expansion and world-wide trading in several energy products. We are planning to enter most liquid European electricity markets by 2030. GEN-I Group will solidify its position as one of the most progressive players on the entire European energy market. Our aim is to identify opportunities and to benefit from market changes, while at the same time managing market risks. We are also expanding our presence in the supply of solar energy to new markets segments and beyond our borders. Our role as the driver of development and innovative approaches is being carried out today in the green and digital transformation of the entire electricity system.

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