GEN-I: Your Energy Partner for a Sustainable Future

Discover a new era in energy trading with GEN-I – your dynamic partner for a sustainable future. From cutting-edge algorithmic strategies to real-time analytics and green solutions, we lead the way. Join us in reshaping the energy landscape!

In the dynamic landscape of international energy trading, GEN-I stands out as a pioneer in implementing cutting-edge technological tools to navigate the complexities of the commodities markets. With a focus on algorithmic trading, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, GEN-I has not only optimized trading strategies but also expanded its reach into the management of renewable energy assets.

Innovative green energy services

GEN-I powers the future through innovative energy trading. Its algorithmic trading strategies, coupled with a data-driven investment and trading decisions, underscore its commitment to investments in digital and analytical transformation. By being at the forefront of technology, GEN-I positions itself as a trustworthy partner for all segments of the energy chain. What they offer to partners are tailor-made solutions for battery optimization and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Algorithmic trading capabilities

GEN-I has harnessed the power of the latest technological advancements in algorithmic trading. The company boasts a significant achievement in the intraday market, where the majority of trades are fully automated. In the futures market, the share of fully automated trades has been an impressive 20% in 2023. This demonstrates GEN-I's commitment to efficiency and adaptability in evolving market conditions where decisions must be made based on data and close to real-time as weather patterns change a few times every day. The digital transformation at GEN-I extends beyond trading strategies to encompass the entire trading lifecycle. From trading decisions to trade execution and post-trade processes, the company is at the forefront of digitalization and automation. This comprehensive approach enhances efficiency, minimizes errors, and ensures seamless operations.

Synergies, optimization and risk mitigation

GEN-I strategically manages renewable assets and other flexible contracts, including batteries, virtual power plants and renewable assets through PPA contracts. By exploring synergies between different price regions and markets, as well as among the assets under its optimization, the company maximizes efficiency and profitability through efficient cross-border trading. This approach is also evident in the balancing markets and system services markets, contributing to a more sustainable energy ecosystem in the era of renewables. In such a volatile energy market, effective risk management is paramount. GEN-I places significant emphasis on mitigating risks, ensuring the stability and resilience of its operations. This approach adds an extra layer of security and reinforces the company's commitment to delivering consistent and reliable services to partners.

Trading analytics: a key and fundamental differentiator

GEN-I's data-driven decision-making process is backed by robust trading analytics, a differentiating factor in the competitive energy trading landscape. We regularly employ and run Pan-European Power Price Forecasting Models, internally built infrastructure, to conduct scenario and portfolio analyses that are the basis for our trading decisions. Simulations firmly rely on real-time data for making informed decisions by traders and asset managers. This commitment to advanced trading analytics positions GEN-I as a forward-thinking and adaptable player in the market.

In conclusion, GEN-I is not just an energy trading company; it is a trailblazer committed to a sustainable and efficient energy future, continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of the market and its partners.

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