aliunid creates transparency about the CO2 footprint

Brugg (Switzerland), June 2022. Complete transparency about the CO2 footprint in electricity is important because it fluctuates significantly during 24 hours, a week or a year. Depending on the electricity that actually reaches the end customer in the household, the CO2 content can range between 11 and 820 gCO2 /kWh*. Based on an average annual consumption of 5,000 kWh, this makes a difference of four tonnes of CO2 per year.

"Guarantees of origin on an annual basis are not able to show which electricity is effectively used at the moment a household appliance is switched on. The REAL-TIME solutions from aliunid, on the other hand, can do this", says Dr David Thiel, CEO of aliunid. Because aliunid relies on local solar power and regional hydropower for its electricity products for power plants, end customers make a valuable contribution to achieving climate targets.

The aliunid HOME app shows the current electricity mix and consumption, including the current CO2 footprint. End customers can compare this with the previous days, weeks and months and see whether they would have to save CO2 in order to achieve the climate targets. This creates real transparency and contributes to a sustainable energy economy.

The key to aliunid's innovative all-in-one solution is REAL-TIME information about the status of the supply system at all levels in combination with a Swiss "Internet of Things" solution. This is made possible by the aliunid GATEWAY as an intelligent link between the electricity meter in the household and the digital applications from aliunid. Behind this is the principle of a "breathing supply system" from the electricity meter via the transformer to the power plant.

aliunid offers white label solutions for electricity plants and creates added value for producers, energy suppliers, grid operators and end customers. Together with aliunid, energy suppliers and distribution grid operators build up digital competences. Energy suppliers can offer REAL-TIME solutions that save electricity, improve the CO2 footprint and increase safety and comfort. Distribution grid operators increase the stability and efficiency of their grid.

A unique selling point of aliunid is the storage and processing of REAL-TIME data. With the Swiss Internet of Things (SIoT), co-developed by aliunid, each measuring point has its own private cloud on which individual data is securely stored. The data is located in Switzerland and protected by the Swiss Data Protection Act. Each cloud is completely independent, but can still cooperate with the other data clouds, for example from the household or in the settlement, if a customer grants the appropriate access rights. In this way, an intelligent swarm of distributed systems is created.

*for electricity from wind power or coal,
  according to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


Contact persons for queries:

Dr David Thiel, CEO aliunid
Tel. +41 79 379 30 62; e-mail: 

Claudia Lanz-Carl, CFO aliunid

Tel. +41 76 824 54 06; e-mail:

About aliunid:

aliunid [all you need] is a digital energy supply company (EVU). The Swiss start-up does not have its own physical infrastructures such as grids, transformers and power plants, but creates value through REAL-TIME data, connectivity and its own Swiss Internet of Things (IoT) platform. As a white-label offering for energy suppliers, grid operators and energy producers, aliunid analyses and controls the energy flows from the household to the distribution cabin and transformer to the power plant. This allows the energy system to breathe flexibly, and a renewable, climate-friendly energy supply becomes possible.

Dr David Thiel and Prof. Dr Andreas Danuser founded aliunid in spring 2018. They bring their many years of experience to an interdisciplinary team of around 20 experts to shape the energy supply of tomorrow. The Swiss start-up was awarded the Energiewende Award 2021 for its commitment. This puts aliunid among the top digital providers among more than 1700 energy suppliers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that were examined.

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