Connectpoint nexo Low Voltage Solution – Internet of Energy for a Stable Power Grid

The nexo Low Voltage Solution for digitizing grid operations provides data from low voltage and ensures the optimization of grid operations. [140]

Nexo Low Voltage Solution was developed to meet the requirements of § 14 EnWG. §14 of the Energy Industry Act legally regulates grid-oriented control and simultaneously obliges all low-voltage grid operators to participate in grid-oriented control. This makes digital conversion indispensable. Connectpoint's nexo Low Voltage Solution ensures timely and proactive retrofitting of low-voltage grids.

The energy turnaround means unprecedented dynamics to the power grid. On one hand, renewables feed in very differently depending on weather and season, and on the other hand, charging stations for electric vehicles and heat pumps in significantly higher power demands in low voltage, and that with significantly higher simultaneity.

To continue ensuring a stable grid, grid operators need data from low voltage that shows when and where electricity is needed in the grid. Grid operations must become digital to be able to react flexibly and optimize the grid operation influenced by many factors.

Connectpoint's nexo Low Voltage Solution was developed precisely for this challenge. Nexo consists of hardware and software and ensures grid visibility. Sensors measure current strength, direction, and phases. The built-in chips analyze the current at different frequencies. The collected and stored data is transmitted securely.

Data transmission can be done via the IoT infrastructure of mobile network operators as well as via Ethernet Tcp/Ip. In the case of mobile communication, Connectpoint works with its own APNs (Access Point Names) and with Closed User Groups. In the case of Ethernet, the hardware must authenticate itself to the network with a certificate and communication is only established via MQtt once this has been done. On request, nexo can also run as a cloud solution on Microsoft Azure.

The proven nexo platform is used as software for the nexo Low Voltage Solution, serving as a central cockpit for all activities. The data can be accessed via an API (Application Programming Interface). This service is part of the nexo offering.

The status of the devices is displayed in the nexo application. Alarms are generated and can be integrated into customised applications.
The nexo Low Voltage Solution allows substations to be easily retrofitted. The current sensor can be quickly and easily integrated into existing infrastructure (retrofit). The hardware requires little space and can therefore be installed in any distribution cabinet.

About Connectpoint GmbH: Connectpoint GmbH offers software development and solutions for energy and utility companies. With expertise in low-voltage, smart building, monitoring and customer portals, the company develops customised services and applications and integrates them into existing IT landscapes. Its core competences include system integration, advanced analytics, and operational technologies (OT). Connectpoint's customers range from multinational corporations to local energy, water, and heat suppliers. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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