Strompager DX – control box for the energy transition

In electrical grids controllable plants are an essential component of the energy transition. However, only with an intelligent control of energy generators and consumers the required grid stability can be ensure, which is necessary for the extension of renewable energy sources. To find balance between an irregular distribution from wind or solar energy on one hand, and the energy consumption on the other is a main challenge for grid operators.

The control box StromPager DX was made for this task. Energy consumers like heat pumps or storage heaters but also energy generators can be controlled by StromPager DX as a group or as single unit.

For the communication between control box and control center two separated transmission ways are parallel available. These can be used redundant or alternatively. Both ways fully meet the demands of the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik – BSI) with regard to communication security. One transmission way uses the CLS-interface of a smart meter gateway as part of an intelligent measuring system. The second transmission way is a radio based connection to the control center. This wireless communication uses the throughout Germany available e*Nergy radio code network. This network is mainly used for security critical issues and offers following advantages:

  • nationwide available communication infrastructure
  • high building penetration due to favourable frequency of 460 MHz
  • reaction time independent from the number of called devices, important while group controling a huge number of control boxes
  • over many years in practice proven technology

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