The MODBUS-DSFG gateway MCG 500 secures the critical infrastructure

At E-world energy & water, Metreg Technologies is presenting a solution for centralized, external metering, which is available as a compact version or now integrated in a 19" cassette. The remote data transmission unit has an integrated LTE 450 modem module.

The MCG 500 is a gateway into the world of DSfG for Modbus-capable measuring devices and, from the point of view of DSfG, represents the RDT instance and, depending on the connected Modbus device, the corrector or similar. The MCG 500 can (after FW adaptation) connect any Modbus devices via standard DSfG-releasesoftware callable and connect them to a DSfG bus as participants or operator station. As a DSfG participant, the MCG 500 offers automatic baud rate detection, which considerably simplifies commissioning in existing networks. The device has a local USB and Ethernet interface and can be expanded for remote data transmission via LTE or a second Ethernet interface.

The MCG 500 can be operated via TCP from the local network or directly via the USB interface on the front and can be conveniently accessed and configured remotely via an optional LTE module and secure VPN tunnel. It can also be used in the field as a service interface for other devices.

The MCG 500 offers a variety of archives such as hourly, daily, monthly, annual and event archives for measured values of the external Modbus device, as well as (fault) message, archive, parameter and connection logbook of the RDT unit. Various applications such as pulse and status inputs and outputs can be realized via the two existing, optionally expandable potential-free digital inputs and outputs.

The device enables data access to Modbus-capable devices in the measuring system via retrieval software; 4 independent transmission connections are available. 

For long-term security, an archive data memory is available for more than 5 years of operating time (according to specification). The MCG 500 Compact variant , analog outputs are available as an option. Values such as operating flow rate, standard flow rate, pressure, temperature, condition number, K number or similar can be output via a selection list. The MCG 500 can be used in non-hazardous areas.

Metreg Technologies is a manufacturer of measuring devices for gas measurement based in Remseck, Baden-Württemberg.

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